Health and Healthcare

Elizabeth Clinic was established to provide medical services for both students and staff of the Polytechnic such as general medical consultation, medical advice against various diseases, medical treatment, and medical test.


Elizabeth Clinic is located in between the Academic Staff Block and Nathaniel Library. The environment of the clinic is very neat and friendly even to the physically challenged. The Clinic has male and female wards for admitting patients that need medical attention. Each ward has provision for digital television services. The Clinic’s dispensary unit is loaded with adequate drugs that are used to treat ailments that are common among students. Doctors, Nurses and other paramedical staff are always available to attend to staff and students that need medical attention.

Water Supply and Electricity:

Elizabeth Clinic water supply is regular because there are two bore holes that were constructed by the Polytechnic management. These boreholes are adequately powered by any of the two generating sets in the Polytechnic.

Toilets: The conveniences in the Elizabeth Clinic are adequate, functional, user friendly and always kept in good condition.

Equipment: The laboratory in the clinic has been well equipped. The Pharmacy is now well stocked. There is a well equipped bus-ambulance used for evacuation/referral of patients to other hospitals.


General Out-patient Care: Consultation time is from 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Emergency/Urgent Care: 24-hour service.

In-patient Care: Three sickbeds in each male and female ward.

Laboratory Services: Basic Laboratory services for primary and secondary levels of care.

Pharmaceutical Services: Pharmaceutical services for drug prescriptions and counseling.

Registration of New Students

All new students are strongly advised to undergo mandatory medical test at the Elizabeth Clinic during which they will obtain a medical clearance card which will be taken to the Clinic as identification before they can enjoy medical services especially in emergency situations.

Guidelines for Consultation

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